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Optics store in Preili

Trade of optics and glasses, medical supplies, care items, compression goods.

The company has already experience of 30 years.

Optics, trade of glasses 

  • Trade of optics and glasses.

  • Repair services for glasses.

  • Production of optical glasses.

  • Consultations on the issues of eye health.

Medical supplies

Rehabilitation goods
  • Medical goods - tapes, acupressure mattresses, rehabilitation goods (technical aids - crutches, canes, walkers).

  • Compression goods (venous socks, venous tights, venous socks for sports).

  • Care items (toilet seats, shower seats, bath benches, shutters, etc.).

Our medical goods can be purchased also on

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Optical shop gallery

We are a company with more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing and selling optical glasses. Our main task is to provide high quality individual service. To ensure this, we cooperate with both Latvian and foreign cooperation partners.

In addition to the sale of glasses, the second group of goods that we sell are medical goods - various auxiliary tools for health restoration - functional auxiliary tools - crutches, canes, walkers, orthoses for the back, knee, ankle, etc., compression products - socks, tights, etc., foot care, crooked thumb  pfophylaxis aids, etc., also  patient care items - splints, splints, sheets, etc.

We are working to supplement the product offer and service.
Currently, our company offers its products both locally in the store and also in e-commerce.


Gallery of the optics store

Premises and products of the optics store

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